Patrick Woodyard


✨BONUS EPISODE!✨For those of you who had already expressed sadness that Season 2 of the Unspoken Podcast wrapped up last week, we have a special treat for you! We're releasing a beautiful conversation with someone who has been a driving force for change and impact in our city of Nashville.

We are deeply honored to be sharing our guest with you today — Patrick Woodyard. Patrick is the Co-Founder & CEO of Nisolo. His experience using business as a force for good has led him across the globe ranging from Kenya and Uganda to Argentina and Peru. While working for a micro-finance firm in Trujillo, Peru, Patrick was introduced to the broken Peruvian footwear industry made up of over 100,000 shoemakers who possess remarkable talent yet lack access to consistent work, fair-wages, and brand access to established international markets.

Having had extensive exposure to such potential juxtaposed with a lack of access in other developing countries, Patrick created Nisolo with the vision to push the fashion industry in a new direction by serving as one of the first fashion brands to deliver a superior yet ethically-produced product to consumers.

This conversation is especially meaningful and special because Patrick’s heart is so expansive and his mind is truly remarkable. Not only was this conversation impactful, but also our first ever LIVE recording we’ve done on the podcast. Truly, it was such a huge gift to have so many friends and family from Nashville gather at the Nisolo Showroom and share a sacred space for us. Nisolo has been such an advocate of Season 2 of the Unspoken Podcast - and so it is a huge honor to be able to reveal more about the heart behind this company to our listeners, with Patrick’s personal story as a driving force for the overarching narrative.

Nisolo is offering Unspoken listeners 25% off their purchase at when you use code UNSPOKEN at checkout.

Below are some snapshots from the LIVE recording event**

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