Episode 8 - Eduardo Garcia


When Ruthie and Miles stepped in to interview Eduardo Garcia, it was like entering into a space of peace and tranquility that you cannot manufacture. If you have not heard his story, you will want to listen to this interview and then quickly watch his documentary, “Charged

Eduardo Garcia is a man of many talents including being a chef, outdoorsman, athlete and motivational speaker & the co-founder of a national food brand, Montana Mex, a clean label condiment brand.  During a Montana backcountry hike in October 2011, Eduardo was electrocuted by a buried high voltage power source, where he suffered extensive, life-threatening injuries and had to have four ribs, his left hand and forearm amputated. This eventually lead to the creation of “Charged”. He is also working on a number of media projects including “A Hungry Life” a tv concept which follows him into the wild places of the world as he creates exceptional food over a campfire.

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