Episode 9 - William Matthews


The Unspoken Podcast is thrilled to have William Matthews share his story this week. William is known around the world as a singer/songwriter and popular recording artist who for the past decade has extensively toured and performed all across the globe. Currently, William has been most notably known for appearing regularly on the highly popular Liturgist Podcasts — speaking progressively on issues surrounding race and theology He also is the creator & host of CultureShock — a podcast focused on the intersection of faith, politics and culture.

William's passion is artistry and advocacy. He seamlessly blends music, cinematography & political messaging around themes like racism, voter suppression, and climate change which have been highlighted by CNN & Yahoo. 

In this conversation between William, Ruthie, and Miles, there were raw, vulnerable moments and important discussions around race, politics, religion, and ultimately, the importance of never hiding your voice. We hope this episode inspires advocacy, hope, truth, and the willingness to partner alongside those who are are using their voices to fight for a better tomorrow.

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