Mike McHargue


In this episode of Unspoken, we welcome Mike McHargue (better known as Science Mike). Mike is an author, podcaster, and speaker who travels the world helping people understand the science of life's most profound and mundane experiences. His best-selling debut book, Finding God in the Waves, has helped people in transition understand faith in the 21st century. Mike's the host of Ask Science Mike, and cohosts The Liturgists Podcast with his friend Michael Gungor. He's recently appeared before sold-out audiences in New York, Chicago, and London, and is a contributor to RELEVANT magazine, Storyline, BioLogos, and The Washington Post. 

It is no secret that Mike is one of the most profound and prominent thought leaders at the modern intersection of spirituality, science, and social justice today. With his big heart, incomparably brilliant mind, and courageous vulnerability, Mike processes his journey thus far, explains how trauma therapy has changed his life, and gets real about the harder parts about being human. We are grateful how he shows up in the world - knowing that everything he does is about helping the spiritually homeless and frustrated accept themselves and find community, so we can all work together to make the world a better place for everyone. We hope this conversation leaves you feeling less alone and empowers you toward owning your truth.

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