Noor Tagouri


Noor Tagouri, a Libyan-American storyteller and journalist, is currently one of the most talked about young adults in the country having worked with the CBS Radio, Newsy, CTV News while being known as the first hijab-wearing news anchor on American television. Her two documentary passion projects, “The Forest Haven Story” and “Sold in America”, have both served as lighthouses in culture — exposing injustices and combating the challenges facing marginalized communities. From viral stories, to global speaking tours, to releasing her own line of fashion, Noor is raising the bar every step of the way. Noor’s consistency, transparency, and philanthropy have given her a platform with hundreds of thousands of loyal supporters trusting her to tell the story right.

Noor is truly a fire and hopeful force in our world today. In this episode, you'll hear her share how her passion become her vocation, reveal stories of great adversity, debunk myths about the teachings of her faith, uncover her hope for the future of journalism, and explain the powerful meaning behind why her hijab is an emblem of servitude (and so much more). She models with great tenacity how living into your purpose truly changes the game and invites others to live authentically.

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